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Majority of our product users, require remote support which can be performed by our team in any place convenient for them (including off site) within 15-20 minutes. Our support engineer will attend to the request, for example a house, an office, a cafe, will conduct diagnostics and eliminate any malfunction as quickly as possible.

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If the malfunction can not be eliminated in the field, and your equipment transportation is required, we transport such equipment to the support center, where everything necessary is done to eliminate the most complex malfunctions.

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ATANLA is a software development company, a subsidiary of Asset Organisation, situated in the Software purpose built facility in Sunderland, Sunderland Software Centre. ATANLA specialises in building government management system software only.

Our developed Software provide 360 degrees Management System for Government's Executive Team all over the world and can be customised to any country to effective manage their executive operation. call us.

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Everyday practice shows that a new model of organizational activity requires us to analyze the training system of personnel, corresponds to urgent needs. Thus, the existing structure of the organization entails the process of introducing and modernizing the positions held by the participants in relation to the tasks assigned. Thus, the beginning of the day-to-day Works on position formation provides a wide range (of specialists) of participation in the formation of significant financial and administrative conditions.

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For suppliers: [email protected]
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